Hey, there. I'm a freelance writer who specializes in mental health topics and women's issues, and I want to help you reach your audience, empower and educate people, and save lives.

As a research assistant earning my Bachelors degree in psychology, I wrote meta-analyses that focused on women with terminal illnesses. It was my job to interview these women and transcribe their stories. They talked about their experiences with doctors, the pain and loneliness they learned to live with, and the strength they'd summoned from a place inside them they never knew was there before.

My blog, Veterans' Invisible Spouses, which is featured on Feedspot's Top 100 Military Wife Blogs in 2020, also spotlights a realm of human experience that goes largely unnoticed: the lives of people married to veterans with PTSD. The information you'll find comes from personal experience and extensive research. My hope is to build a place online where other vets' partners can find hope and tell their own stories. The world needs to hear them.

I'm also an official contributor for The Mighty, where I write posts about mental health topics such as PTSD, borderline personality disorder, and depression. I've written about mental health for the OC87 Recovery Diaries, too.

As you'll see, I can write from the heart, or I can write from the mind. I create relevant, unique content that will inspire, engage, enlighten, and build trust with your readers.

We can work together to make a difference in this world.